Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Designing Our Chapter's Logo

The board is currently in the process of approving a logo to represent NJIABC's student chapter. Please note, the following design may need to be modified to meet IABC guidelines. However, we'd still appreciate your feedback.

Here is a brief description of the logo design...

I choose to use a crest which I feel is reminiscent of the traditional university shield. As you know, every item within the shield should possess relevant meaning. They are as follows:

Statue of Empedocles: Greek philosopher 444 BCE considered the inventor of the study of rhetoric.
Laurel Wreath: Symbolic of the victory gained through the pursuit of knowledge in the context of shared community.
Defero: Latin translation of "communicate."
The tagline I've created is "Connecting Students and Practitioners." (which works great with our new “networking” theme)

I look forward to your comments!


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Judy Jones, President said...

Congratulations! Christina, all the best of luck. I know the chapter is lucky to have you as a vice president. And thanks for visiting NY IABC Chatter.


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